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As a psychiatrist I see people who are feeling overwhelmed, distraught, and empty. I help children who are experiencing extreme anxiety, uncontrolled rages, and difficult life circumstances. I meet with couples who feel disconnected and with individuals who describe a lack of drive or purpose. While everyone’s story is unique, there is a common thread to each life that I encounter. People come to see me because they just want to get better.

Among the questions that I get asked, some of the most desperate are “How much worse could it get? Do I have to hit rock bottom for things to get better?” Thankfully the answer is NO, but there is something crucial that must happen. A person must have a Moment of Insight. A crack in the window of one’s thinking. A pause in one’s perception. A moment of realization that this way of thinking, feeling, or behaving is not working for ME (not that it is not working for someone else because motivation to change for others will never last). With that Moment of Insight comes the clarity to navigate change. Unfortunately, some people must hit rock bottom to have their moment, but God or the Universe nudges you to have those moments all the time. Everyday.

Through a seemingly casual conversation, through the lyrics of a familiar song, from the words on a page, or from a monologue in your own head — if you are open and aware, a Moment of Insight can lift that veil from your mind’s eye and challenge the beliefs that you have accepted as truths.

In my office, I have found that that Moments of Insight are nurtured through thoughtful discussion, education, and, even, humor. It is my intention to do the same in this space. All I ask is that you be open, vulnerable, compassionate, and aware. Let’s play this game of Hide and Seek with the Universe and uncover your own Moment of Insight today.

-Dr. B


A Moment of Insight with Dr B radio show

“A Moment of Insight with Dr B”, hosted by board certified psychiatrist and dynamic speaker Suvrat Bhargave, is a lively call-in show where a wide range of topics are discussed, and none are off limits. Affectionately referred to as Dr B, Suvrat brings a fresh mix of information, entertainment, and discussion. This show is packed with practical advice and a proactive approach to personal growth, relationship fulfillment, and effective parenting. Unfortunately, transformation and empowerment sometimes result from dramatic and traumatic events, but this innovative, endearing, and provocative talk show challenges listeners like you to create your best life everyday through awareness and purposeful action one moment at a time.